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Learn how to submit content ideas to be published on GearBrain and The GearBrain, our compatibility find engine for smart devices.

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GearBrain solves the connected device purchase process and operational issues found with the myriad of smart devices and systems. Between our website and The GearBrain, our proprietary database of connected devices and pioneering recommendation platform, our mission is to educate buyers and sellers on which devices can be bundled together on the basis of compatibility. We can streamline the customer experience by helping buyers easily find devices faster than using search engines, resulting in quick and well-informed decisions, and an improved search experience. All of this is done by our editorial team and highly regarded expert freelance writers.

We create all of our content in-house but are open to working with third parties who can create high quality content. If you're a freelance writer, reporter or journalist and have a story or video idea you think will work for GearBrain, we are open to pitches. Here's what we're always looking for in a pitch:

  • Great news stories that show how the internet of things is changing the way we live: autonomous cars, virtual reality, smart home products, wearables — if something connects to the internet, and then to you, we're interested.
  • How to make a device work in a way we haven't tackled. Think of these as hacks on making your connected life bloom. You want to tell us about IFTTT applets that will make your morning better? We're listening. You want to tell us that Alexa can connect to your Hue light bulbs? Maybe read the site a bit more.
  • Reviews of new products, apps, services and gadgets. These are hard to pitch to us, but if you have something you think we should review, let us know why you're the writer to cover this.
  • Feature stories about anything related to the above. Tell us about autonomous car trials at the Kennedy Space Center, about VR tattoo parlors, and smart home apps that brew coffee and order robots to bring it to you in bed. We don't know if any of these things are really happening today. But if you have a story that's showing us the future of connected technology: we're listening.

Send short, well-crafted pitches to edit@gearbrain.com. No marketing pitches please. (For marketing and PR requests read below.) If you're a freelance journalist or reporter, please put "Pitch" in the subject line, and keep your pitch to a few paragraphs: hook us with the story. We'd also like to know why you'd be the best person to write or create a video for this piece. Please include a few links to some clips or videos if you have these.

We do pay for stories, and we can discuss rates if we think your pitch is right for us. We promise to respond to pitches. Just give us a week or two — and you're welcome to ping us again if you haven't heard back by then.

Brands and PR:

Please contact us at info@gearbrain.com. If your product or news is right for us, we will get back to you. We're always interested in hearing from new companies, and about upcoming products and technology.

Note: we do not sell links or guest posts on our site. Nor do we allow "do follow" tags on sponsored content. We are very protective of our content since our traffic is mainly organic search traffic (SEO). GearBrain has a partnership with the leading MarTech company, GeistM and can now offer low cost content marketing programs to our clients.

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